Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Forest Folk

As I awoke from my bed of skinned animal hides, I emerged from a land quite foreign and mysterious. Indeed, this land was a land of dreams. Without adieu, I shall read to you, a dream:

I awoke from a cold sweat, in the middle of a dense, pink jungle. Beneath me were wet animal leathers and a mesh of jellyfish skin, as well as fire-ant chitin.

I was trapped.

Surrounding me were disfigured pygmies, pygmies with bulging eyes and retreating teeth. They spoke in foreign tongues—tongues with piercings and funny rolls. Unfamiliar stenches penetrated the very air while funny gasps with funny expressions permeated into the very dreary depths of my mind.

And just as I began to sweat, a horn sounded in the far distance.. The sound of a thousand hooves rustled the very ground upon which I lay. The joyful laughter that was once permanent filed away into the dark depths of fear. Sounds of screaming escaped from the breach, and as these sounds my localized location, a silvered blackness passed over my eyes.

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